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A scanned Sunshine Coast Daily news article showing a Sea Shepherd activist wearing a National Geographic Collection Original Buff® to seal of his jacket collar during an encounter with the japanese whaling vessel Nisshin Maru

Sea Shepherd Activist Fighting Whaling ships in the Buff®

We just found this news article in yesterdays Sunshine Coast daily.

A Sea Shepherd activist wearing a Original Buff® as scarf
A Sea Shepherd activist wearing a Original Buff® as scarf

If you look closer you can see that the Sea Shepherd activist is wearing an Original Buff® as a scarf. In extreme cold, this is a very popular way of sealing of the jacket against wind & cold. You can find a guide on how to do this here

The Original Buff® does a great job here because the thin, flexible fabric easily moves into any gap.

We can not clearly identify the design but we expect it to be the National Geographic collection design “Whales”. Here are all Original Buff® designs in the National Geographic™ Collection


Sunshine Coast Daily Homepage

Sea Shepherd Homepage

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