Skin Cancer Protection for the Face

A frontal landscape shot of a fly fisherman standing up to his hips in water. The man is holding a large milkfish in his hands. He is wearing a High UV Buff® as face mask. Addional cap, long sleeve shirt and cap indicate that he wants total UV protection. Source: Copyright: ©2007 Pat Ford. Given to us for the promotion of the High UV Buff® in the fishing market
Your face exposed to harsh UV light all day long? A High UV Buff® as face mask gives you extra skin cancer protection. (Pat Ford)

Skin cancer protection for the face is the number 1 reason Fisho’s wear a High UV Buff®.

This image sums it all up.
The sun hitting your face merciless all day. UPF20 adds extra skin cancer protection.

Sun cream causing all sorts of skin issues after a while. UPF20 lets your reduce it.

Then the heat and the ocean’s breeze wearing you down. Uses sweat to cool you and the wind doesn’t touch your skin.

Bad odours: Doesn’t smell like other fabrics
Fit: Doesn’t wear out or loose grip. Ours are 10 years and going strong.
Bacteria around mouth & nose: None. It kills bacteria for a lifetime.

The image was taken by Pat Ford somewhere in the Florida flats. It kick-started the High UV Buff® in international fishing.
Ironically the man is wearing the Buff® the wrong way round. He has the inside on the outside. This way he lowers the cooling effect. Still seems to be good enough 🙂
For maximum cooling effect wear the inside on the inside.



Recommend Designs

Blue is a great colour for UV absorption and cooling.

For all available High UV Buff® designs click here.

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