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Original BUFF® Guide

The Original Buff® in a Nutshell

The Original Buff® is the foundation of the Buff® success story.

Heat, Cold, Wind & Rain?You will find comfort.

It incorporates the latest technologies in performance headwear.

The Original Buff® is a tube knitted out of technical microfibre
  • A 51 cm long, knitted tube of special Buff® microfibre
  • Popular in all Weather / all Activities
  • Replaces 10 different types of head wear
  • Chill Protection – Fills the gap between nothing & too warm
  • Heat Relief – Takes the heat off using your sweat
  • Comfort – Very comfy even when wet
  • Ultra thin – Fits nicely under any helmet
  • Free of Harmful Substances – Certified
  • Lasts several years of daily use
  • Fits Adults with a head circumference 53-62 cm
  • Weighs 35 gr (1.234 oz

The most popular ways of using a Original Buff®

The ways to use a Original Buff® are only limited by your imagination.

Here is a compilation of how I see the Original Buff® worn the most when browsing the internet or meeting others out and about.

Just click on “Read More” and you will get more details like Youtube tutorials on how to create this particular style among other things. If you don’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions please drop me a comment at the end of the page.

Key Features a Original Buff®

It’s technical features that make a Original Buff® so popular and set it apart from other head or neckwear.

Here are the most important ones.

Product Details of a Original Buff®

Want more details? Just post a comment and I will answer.

It's not for you if...

The Original Buff® is designed to smoothen the edges of the cold and the heat. This makes it great if you don’t know what weather to expect.

But then of course there are reasons to go for a different fabric. Here are reasons to have a look at different products.

You feel hot & sweaty most of the time. The Coolnet UV+ Buff® will suit you better.

You feel cold most of the time. The Wool Buff® will suit you better.

Design Collection

We have designs for men, women, runners, bikers, …

Below are the 6 most popular designs since 2004. For all designs click here

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